“Learn more about your child’s interests, create conversations about what they actually do during the day and understand more about what you can do with them at home to help with their development.”


ChildPaths is an online reporting platform for childcare providers that gives childcare professionals the opportunity to streamline compliance requirements and store information safely in one place. The implementation of the system at the KCCC will help the Centre to achieve best practice reporting standards and focus on continuous improvement and quality development.


The system also offers parents and guardians a unique insight into their child's day with the opportunity to view photos and communication from your child's room leader, enhancing conversations between you and your child and giving you the opportunity to follow their progress every step of the way.


Ultimately, after a period of transition, ChildPaths will replace the traditional daily paper report sheet handed to parents upon collection of their child each day.


To watch the video on Child Paths and learn more about the platform and how it can enhance conversations with your child about their early years experiences, click here.


To create an account and log-in to Child Paths please contact the KCCC team.