Spring in the Toddler Room

Let's see what the children have been up to in the Toddler Room! This month Agnes Chmielewska, Room Leader, and her team members Amanda Krause and Jacinta O'Gorman share a "learning story" from the Toddler Room.

It might seem as though Spring has not yet arrived in Kinvara, yet a closer look will reveal fresh green shoots and tiny buds with the faintest hint of colour are returning to our wind and rain blown plants. And with new life springing up across so many farms, there's no better time than the present to share the Spring theme with our toddlers. To help them make sense of the new season, we helped our toddlers decorate the room's windows using their petite hand prints to create a glorious fresco of spring flowers.

Our toddlers also delighted in the opportunity to sponge paint butterflies using a multitude of Spring colours and various sponge shapes. We then used a pipe cleaner to create the final, dazzling effect. The children now proudly showcase their work outside the Toddler Room, with the butterflies hanging blissfully for all parents to see.

While the children took great pleasure in the activities they were also carefully planned and designed by the Toddler Room staff in alignment with the Aistear early years curriculum. Each activity paid particularly attention to encouraging toddlers' sensory development and the enhancement of their fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, communication and sense of identity and belonging through the use of their hand prints to create the Springtime window mural.

Feel free to call by and view our toddlers' stunning work! We're sure you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

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